Part 1. Down by the Sea

from by Amanda Baker



Sample - Part 1.
Down by the Sea

‘Casey looked and he searched
But he could not see them there
Sand tickled his toes
Wind ruffled his hair
He sat and he waited
He did not make a sound
He listened to the sighing under the ground
And he tingled with excitement
He tickled with fear
As the ripples on the sand
Drew near.

Then all at once out of the corner of one eye
Casey saw a movement
Then heard a louder sigh.
The whisper was familiar
Low in the ground
Casey hugged his knees
And wrapped his arms around

They were coming, they were coming
He would see them tonight
They would dance on the beach in the shimmering moonlight
They would teach him how to smooth
The golden grains of sand
They would tell him secret tales of
A distant land
And the sea and the mermaids
And the rocks and the deep
And it would be his own special secret to keep
And he would dream of the surf men
All through the long day
And no one could take his secrets away
And his tummy tied in knots
And his muscles quivered
And his eyes were wide as saucers
And his little body shivered.’

Sample – Part 2.
Ripping the Earth

‘Creatures fell to the abyss and the birds all flew
Into the sun

And the land was mud and the sea was fire
And the holes grew deeper
And the flames went higher
Burning wind scorched the earth, which was barren, and grey
No sun arose – no new day
No moon of silver and shimmering white
Consecrated the velvet night.
No sound but the scream of the mutilated earth
And the howl of The One who was there at its birth
No noise but the weeping of babes in the womb
No laughing - but the chuckles from the tomb
No shiny beetles scuttled through grass of slender green
No creatures walked around in the space between
Sky and earth.

And soon the digger men had exposed hell
And the sea fell in and the land as well
And as the earth began to die
All Casey heard
Was a sigh.’


from Casey & the Surfmen, released September 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Amanda Baker Edinburgh, UK

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